Loss of a dear one is painful. With time, we learn to accept that loss and to move on. But the pain is permanent. The damage is done. Something changes within us. In order to keep pace with life and for the sake of the people close to us, we don’t always show our emotions.

To a certain extent we learn to accept reality and start loving life again. But sometimes we have let our emotions loose and let the pain inflict us. We want to express our feelings in words, but don’t want them to be heard.We want to tell what we are going through, but don’t want anyone to know about our moments of weakness.

This blog is for people who have lost a loved one. In moments when pain takes over and we want to let go off our emotions, we post our feelings here. Posts can be made anonymously.

However diverse human beings across the globe are, we are connected through only one thing: emotions. You can feel the pain of a man who has lost his loved ones in a terrorist attack although you have never met him. This blog is an attempt to provide a medium of connecting people through that common cord.


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